We are specializes in irrigation projects for the hydro power sector

Manpower is very important for the growth of any company or industry because basically they are the driving force and they assure that the work is done in the manner as it should be. Anar Corporation is blessed to have skilled and knowledgeable team of engineers, administrators and technocrats. The work is carefully divided amongst the team members according to their skills and interest so that there is no clash and the work organization runs smoothly.

The company is divided into various departments like admin, technical, production, marketing, customer support, finance etc., so none of the work is disturbed and coordination with each other is maintained at all the time. Each department is allotted with skilled personnel along with his/her team to assure proper functioning of that department which in turn leads to overall smooth processing. Everyone in the departments is trained and they are capable enough to take decision when needed for the betterment of the company.


Technology plays a vital role in the growth of the company therefore Anar Corporation is having all the useful and latest technological machines and equipments to give away the best quality products. Our engineers are well qualified and well trained to operate machines or use equipments. Let’s get to know some of the equipments of machined owned by the company.

  • Cranes
  • JCB’s Excavator Loaders
  • Trucks
  • Tractors
  • Diesel Generating Sets
  • Plate and T Bending Sets
  • Gas Cutting Sets
  • Welding Machines
  • Heavy Duty Winch
  • Chain Pulley blocks
  • Drilling Machines
  • Watering Equipment Pipe Line and Tankers
  • Concrete Mixer Millers
  • Air Compressor
  • Vibrators
  • Elevators
  • Miller Machines
  • Planning Machines
  • Gear Hobbing Machines
  • Heavy Duty Lathes
  • Heavy Jigs and Fixture for Different Structural Fabrication
  • Riveting M/c with Dolly
  • Rotary Welding Generators
  • Welding Rectifiers
  • Plasma Cutting Machines
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